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Dorje Chuba II Rinpoche


Born in Yilan, Taiwan in the year of 1954, Longzhou Rinpoche is the son of the Tian family of Shenyang, China.

Rinpoche has a deep root from his many previous lives and possesses a virtuous nature. He has had a strong interest in understanding the true meaning of life and the universe. In addition to researching Confucianism and Taoism of the East, he also studied deeply western philosophies, the metaphysics of India, and the doctrines of Christianity. Seeing the impermanence of worldly matters, he planned to become a monastic monk at the age of 18. Being the only son of his family, he had to give up the idea in face of strong oppositions from his parents. However, that only further strengthened his determination to study Buddhism and to obtain liberation. In addition to visiting and learning from many elders of the exoteric sects, he studied the doctrines of the Gelug and Nyingma schools of the Tantric Buddhism. Because of his mother’s illness, he made up his mind to study medicine. He went to the US and completed his Doctor’s degree in Chinese Medicine and became a professor in Chinese Medicine at many universities. He took the profession as a Chinese Medicine doctor in Los Angeles for over ten years and cured many who were sick.

When the dharma cause matured in 1995, he paid honor to H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III as his master and came to rely upon His Holiness for his practice and learning. He has been practicing tirelessly and learning diligently, and was bestowed wonderful inner-tantric initiations from his benevolent Buddha Master and obtained great benefits. He co-founded the Master Wan Ko Yee International Cultural Institute and has been the president of it for many terms, in a capacity to benefit sentient beings.

In 2007, Dr. Tyan Bo Yuan (which is his mundane name) was recognized in a formal written certification by the Maha Dharma King as the incarnation of Dorje Chupa Rinpoche, a great virtuous monk of the Gelug school of Tibetan Buddhism who had the capability to transform with supernatural magical powers, had deep and subtle teaching, and was conferred as the “King of Nuomenhan” by the government of the Republic of China in the early 20th century. He passed the test of the vajra powers in which he woke up the vajra pill with his own realization power in the year of 2008. The live-recording of him practicing the Tantric Buddhism Tummo Yoga and demonstrating true tummo power was archived in the dharma video The Hardly-seen Buddhism Accomplishments in Thousand Years. He has obtained the Openning of the Nirvana Gate Fruit.  He attended the Holy Test, witnessed and overseen by seven holy ones and ten witnesses and was conferred by the World Buddhism Association Headquarters as the Blue Button Grade Three with Four Black Buttons level, corresponding to the level of an Upper Great Virtuous One.

Due to the cause and conditions of spreading Buddhism, he co-founded the True Buddha Dharma Center, the Los Angeles Buddhism Academy, and the Baotasi Temple together with Shang Go Chung Wa Rinpoche, in Los Angeles, USA, to spread and promote true Dharma of Tathagata all over the world.


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